Women in periods (yoga et menstrues)

Attention menstruation

Avertissement aux hommes:
attention, on va parler « menstruation » (alors si t’es pas prof de yoga Iyengar ou si tu n’as pas de curiosité particulière pour la chose – tu peux interrompre ta lecture ici.)

2 thoughts on “Women in periods (yoga et menstrues)

  1. Same thing happened to me at a 2 wk intensive at Blacons in France. I did not get my period..This made me feel very uneasy. Why does an intense yoga pratique make us lose our period? Is the yoga really helping our bodies if it makes us skip a cycle?

    • Hi dear Liza,
      well… Iyengar yoga unlinke many other yoga traditions is very much careful about women practice at all stages of their cycles.
      there is a lot of litterature about that.
      Nevertheless, the conditions in which we are put in for the teacher training are not much adapted for the women, it so intense!
      That’s what I am explaining in this article… with enough experience you have to take care of yourself knowing what you should practice according to your cycle. In my TTC, they leave us practicing variations when we menstruate but there is not much commentaries or advices given… Probably each women has to research for herself what she should avoid in this times and adapt. This is what I learned in Pune. And somehow i am thankful I had not my days afterwards, because my body is signalating this way that it was definetly too much. So that I’ll know next time what i should do/not do.
      I am now much more careful than before. And the other aspect is that when getting older, the body is reacting differently. I guess with 20 this never had happened. So getting older = getting carfullier 🙂
      anyways, i am happy to hear about you, how is the training going?
      hugs from Hamburg

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